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Wat is MSB?

MSB Medical Spirit of Beauty®
is a concept that offers unique products in terms of effect and results with the
following goal: To provide optimal skin care by combining the fields of cosmetics and medicine.
Experience, knowledge and continuous intensive research by leading developers stand for efficacy, quality and
safety of each MSB product and also guarantee that new insights are always considered, which has resulted in a
complete renewal of the entire product range.
The targeted skin care solutions differ from conventional cosmetic products through their use of special, therapeutically effective active ingredients in special concentrations. MSB thus sets new future-oriented standards.
What does „smart drug®concept“ mean?
The sophisticated skin care system provides simple but effective solutions to complex skin care requirements. Immediate and lasting improvement, restoration and preservation of natural beauty result from the outstanding combination
of basic skin care known as DERMACEUTICUM
®and special products for specific applications.
MSB Medical Spirit of Beauty
®with the smart drug®concept is an intelligent skin care concept which
opens new possibilities and sets new standards.

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